I’m Prada, you are Nada.

"Non gli manchi neanche un pò, lo sai questo, vero?"

Unamattinagrigia (via unamattinagrigia)

friendly reminder 3sos is real (5sos + emblem3)


When I met Keaton I was wearing my 5sos beanie and he noticed it and said “hey i like your beanie!” And I was like “you should really write a song with them.” And he goes “we tried to when they were in LA but they were too busy with their own stuff”
And then my friend told him we call them “3sos” and he was like “aw that’s really cute!”

So basically… 3sos is a thing that could actually happen.
I cry.

omg, this is the best thing in this world, aaah

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